Parent/Student Handbook

Our Parent/Student Handbook is included in the Student Agendas distributed to our 2nd through 5th Grade students, and is provided separately at the beginning of each school year for our Pre-Kindergarten through 1st Grade students. 

The information contained in our handbook is also embedded in Miami-Dade County Public Schools' universal Parent/Student Handbook. This handbook contains additional information regarding district policies and procedures, and may be accessed through the District & SCE Parent/Student Handbook link on this page.

Anti-Bullying Program

​Snapper Creek Elementary has a policy against student bullying.  Bullying includes all the behaviors associated with physical, social and verbal abuse--all behaviors that cause suffering and anguish to others.  It is documentated that bullying has long-term negative effects and is not in the best interest of the bully, taget, bystanders and society.


Snapper Creek Elementary has an Anti-Bullying Campaign and program of intervention that teaches children how to stop inappropriate bullying behaviors.  It teaches children acceptable social, communication, assertiveness and problem-solving skills. 


Cafeteria Rules

Snapper Creek Elementary strives to instill appropriate social behaviors in students throughout all aspects of school life.  We appreciate parental assistance in our efforts to develop good citizenship and positive social interactions among our students.  Please review our cafeteria rules with your children:

1.  Enter and exit the cafeteria quietly.

2.  Talk quietly to those friends near me.

3.  Use good table manners.

4.  Leave the table and the floor area clean.

5.  Stay seated.

6. Raise my hand if I need something.

7.  Keep my hands and my feet to myself.

8.  Listen to the cafeteria monitors at all times.